Profiting form the naturalist movement

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For many people, the mention of a nudist resort brings memories of the 1969 Summer of Love, or for some younger ones, the unfortunate image of their parents engaging in activities synonymous with the summer of love. But nudism, or naturalism, as many adherents to the social group prefer to be known as, is proving not to be an activity for cranks and clothing-phobics, but a big fat profitable business.

Many singles and couples choose their holiday destinations based on whether or not they can parade around in their birthday suits, and last year there was even an all-nudist airline charter service in Europe. The Mayan Riviera in Mexico has recently become home to the Hidden Beach Resort, which at $300 a night, is hardly a beach hideaway for burnt out hippies. And it’s not just holiday resorts cashing in on the need to do things in the buff. A new condominium development in the American state of Arizona will operate a clothing optional community, and the prices for a condo start at almost $250,000.

"Nude Beach" at the Brewery?

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Normally when you say "Nude Beach," I say, "ROAD TRIP!" Only this time we don't have to pack any beer since our destination this time is a brewery. Specifically Stevens Point Brewery. Now who in their right mind would put a nude beach by a brewery. Um, well, actually, that's a really smart idea. I mean, this would give new meaning to the phrase, "Beer Run."

For those with their towels in the car and the swimsuit nowhere to be found (like I own one in the first place..), don't go streaking to the car just yet. See, there's a small bit of deception on the part of the brewery. If you take the drive looking for the beach you won't find any sand upon which to catch some rays while tossing back a cold one. What Stevens Point Brewery is offering is a new brew with the deceptive name, "Nude Beach." It may well be that we are their target audience, and, far be it from me to deny any beer that appeals to our very nature. But I may suggest to the makers of said beer that they either put up an appropriate sign to warn nude beach hunters that it's a beer, not a beach. Or better yet, make a real nude beach on which to serve "Nude Beach." Now that would be sweet.

Nude People Have a Beef With Pay-Pal

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Monday, March 24, 2008, 11:45AM
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After four years of processing subscription payments for Going Natural magazine, PayPal has abruptly cancelled service to its publisher, the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN). Attempts to get an explanation as to how the magazine violates PayPal’s “acceptable use” policy have been met with generic e-mails from faceless and implacable customer-service personnel.

Those e-mails falsely claim the magazine is pornographic, and sells “sexually oriented goods or services involving minors” or “services for which the purpose is to facilitate meetings for sexually oriented activities.”

Going Natural magazine is devoted to naturism (or nudism), a social movement over a hundred years old and unrelated to sexual activity. The practices the magazine has portrayed for over 20 years have been shown to benefit people of all ages, especially naturist children. In several scientific polls, millions of people in Canada and the USA report engaging in naturist activities such as skinny-dipping.

The FCN is not the first naturist organization to be rejected by PayPal, which arbitrarily denies service to persons or organizations it alone deems socially unacceptable.

“PayPal’s decision about Going Natural and its claims about the FCN are unfounded embellishments born of ignorance,” notes Judy Williams, Government Affairs Director for the FCN.

PayPal has become synonymous, world-wide, with the convenience of online payments. As stated on its website, “PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 153 million accounts worldwide.”

“Organizations such as PayPal with near monopolies in their industries are duty-bound to be objective and fair,” says Ms. Williams. “PayPal also has a responsibility to avoid making arbitrary and narrow judgements, as well as issuing wildly untrue and offensive statements about clients.”

The FCN Board of Directors is considering a class action lawsuit. It wouldn’t be the first against PayPal, which paid out over $9 million in 2004 to settle such a suit. Any organization which believes it has been refused service by PayPal because of political, social, or religious views should contact the FCN.

Finally, Ms. Williams points to PayPal’s hypocrisy for accusing the FCN of sexually immoral and even illegal activities, when PayPal itself supports transactions for “certain sexually oriented physical goods,” as etailed on its website.

PayPal strikes again against nudists

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PayPal, probably the best known method of paying for things on the Internet has often made arbitrary decisions about what may be paid for using their services. In the past, PayPal usually banned those selling illegal goods or services, but now they seem to have taken it upon themselves to try to legislate their own morality on the rest of the world.

They have now determined that the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is a pornographer. They have decided that subscription payments for Going Natural magazine violate their Terms of Use.

Chances are very good that this action is the result of one person in their bureaucracy making an arbitrary decision based on their own conclusions about what is and is not pornographic. Unfortunately, with PayPal is is very difficult to actually get to talk to a real, live person. They hide their telephone numbers very well, and rely on computer generated auto-responses to most email messages.


A Nudist is simply a human being without Artificial Additives!

Nude Beach Proposed at Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach

Advocates say nude beach would be a boon

By Pilar Ulibarri de Rivera Neighborhood Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Some people like to fish, others like to ride bicycles or read books. Dave Armstrong likes to lie out in the sun naked. To Armstrong, 43, sunbathing nude is a hobby. It’s something the Delray Beach resident enjoys and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

But city officials don’t agree. At the annual citizens’ roundtable meeting with city officials earlier this year, Armstrong proposed designating the northern end of the public beach, which is unguarded and sparse on visitors, as “clothing-optional.”

It would be designated by signs reading: “You may encounter nude sunbathers” and “You are leaving a clothing-optional area,” he proposed.

“They giggled when I brought it up,” Armstrong said.

He said he told them it wasn’t professional to laugh at one of their residents. After all, it was a public forum for people to make suggestions of things they would like their local government to consider.

Perhaps making the suggestion while others were talking about neighborhood safety and trash pickup wasn’t the best timing. But Armstrong is not going to give up, even though City Manager David Harden said the commissioners he has spoke to about the suggestion have “absolutely no interest” in it.

Armstrong is gathering signatures on a petition and has enlisted the help of Richard Mason, one of the founders of Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County. Established 17 years ago, Haulover is Florida’s most popular clothing-optional stretch of sand.

Mason is president of South Florida Free Beach/Florida Naturist Association, a nonprofit established in 1981 that’s committed to “representing naturism and nude recreation” to government, business and civic leaders.
Mason said that 25 or 30 years ago there was so much remote beach that people could skinny-dip without notice.

“As the coastline got gobbled up by condominiums and hotels, we were driven out,” he said. “With the lack of remote areas, the only solution was to create designated areas, just like there are designated areas for tennis, baseball or golf.”

Mason said he, his wife, Shirley, and other nudists did research and found that in 1974 the Florida Supreme Court ruled that “mere nudity, with the absence of lewd and lascivious behavior, was not indecent exposure.” In other words, if there was no public sexual behavior involved, it was not unlawful, according to the court.

“Let’s face it, you can be lewd and lascivious and still fully clothed,” Mason said.

Armstrong said he didn’t realize his rights when he was arrested on the beach in Delray in 2006 for sunbathing nude. He pleaded no contest and was ordered to do 10 hours of community service cleaning
up the beach. He’s still fighting the decision.

“The truth is when you talk to people about ‘rights’ they don’t care to listen,” Mason said. “But when you talk to them about money, that’s a different story.”

The numbers at Haulover speak for themselves, Mason said. The beach has about 1.4 million visitors a year and “it grows every year,” he said. About 60 percent of the visitors are from outside Miami-Dade
County, something Mason said that his organization discovered during skin cancer screenings on the beach. Many of them are from Europe and Canada. The county’s tourism board estimates that tourists spend $245 a day on hotel rooms, restaurants and shopping when visiting the county.

“That’s an economic impact of over $200 million a year from the number of people that are attracted to Haulover,” said Mason, adding that the quarter-mile stretch of beach, which he said was a haven for criminals before it was a nude beach, is now the safest and cleanest in the county.

The Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates that the average tourist spends about $200 a day in Palm Beach County.

Mason said it would take only a few phone calls to police and officials in Miami-Dade County and cities such as upscale Bal Harbour, for Delray officials to see the monetary potential of a nude beach.

“If Delray Beach is seeking to bring new money to its economy, this would be a good way to attract people from all over the world,” Mason said. “And they wouldn’t even need to spend any money to do it. All they would need is two signs and the naturists would pay for that.”

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Nudism is not a sexual adventure; it is more a self-discovery like none you’ve dreamed of. You will find no material on this site that is inappropriate for any member of the family. There are no images depicting anything other than healthy nudist behavior.

Nudists are your neighbors, your children’s teachers, your Doctor, the old lady down the block, the kid delivering your newspaper, your Minister or Priest, your waitress, the Police Officer - In other words, anybody you meet on the street or anywhere in your life very likely could be a nudist.

Nudists demographics point out the average nudist is just that; AVERAGE. We are found in all walks of life and every socio-economic class. Don’t be surprised to meet an old friend or business acquaintance in a nudist resort. It is a very common occurrence.

If you are not familiar with nudism, or naturism as some call it, please take the time to read the material presented here. There are many misconceptions about Nudism that may be answered for you in these pages.

If you are already familiar with nudism, please grab your towel and make yourself at home.

You know the rules.

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